Download SPDL

SPDL require some Java libraries or tools to work. Users that download only source files have to take also the following libraries (as .jar files):

  • SWT - graphical libraries (different version for different OS)
  • JFace - graphical libraries
  • HSQLDB - the database used by SPDL
  • Jena - Java library to build semantic web application
  • Lucene - used to build search engine
  • JDOM - used to manipulate XML
  • PDFBox - used by SPDL to work with PDF
  • iText - used to export document's data from SPDL

To simplify the acquiring of libraries that are needed by SPDL user can download them in full release download.

Download Type
Source files of Semantic Personal Digital Library. The programming language is Java.
Contains source files, binaries, javadoc and libraries used by SPDL. It contains also a jar file to launch SPDL under windows OS.