The Semantic Personal Digital LIbrary (SPDL)

The Semantic Personal Digital Library (SPDL) is an open source Java project helping user to organize and retrieve documents in PDF format. It is a software of Personal Information Management (PIM) that works with technologies of Semantic Web. User can insert/edit informations on documents like author, title, description, subject and so on. These informations are stored as RDF (Resource Description Framework) and use standard properties like those defined in Dublin Core metadata set. User can also build some simple ontologies helping user to classify documents by the subjects they are about or other free classifications. Retrieving documents can be done searching on content and metadata values or browsing classification schemes. SPDL uses Lucene index and SPARQL to search documents. SPDL is a personal accademic project to help user in personal information management, but it's also an example of how technologies of Semantic Web can be used in real project where information has to be organized and retrieved.

SPDL screenshot